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With this series we will bring you the latest news in insulin affordability. This week we cover insulin pricing legislation in Texas.

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Texas representative shares experiences with diabetes and introduces insulin price cap

Texas state representative James Talarico announced an insulin pricing bill that would limit the cost of insulin to $50 a month for people with commercial insurance. Talarico also shared his personal story of being diagnosed with type 1 diabetes 3 years ago and tweeted “I paid $684 for my first 30-day supply of insulin. Some pay $1000+ a month, many die without it.”

Why it matters: Thirteen states have insulin pricing laws in effect and insulin price caps have been proposed throughout the country. An insulin price cap in Texas could help support over 2.8 million Texans with diabetes in accessing and affording insulin if they use it. Talarico sharing his experience with diabetes helps to highlight the need for insulin affordability and to destigmatize the disease. 

What's next: A similar bill, Senate Bill 827, has also been introduced in the Senate. The House bill is currently pending.

What you can do: If you are having trouble affording your diabetes medications, learn more about how to save on your prescription medication here.